Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The compleat angler, project Guttenberg

Well not a lot to write about fishing wise lately other than my magnificent 3oz albino grass carp during the recent Salford friendly anglers match down at Duchy lagoons, a thoroughly enjoyable experience thanks to the duchy lads, so thought I would share this classic with anyone who has not had the pleasure. Isaac Walton's the compleat angler is THE definitive fishing book, with casting at the sun by Chris Yates a very close second. In my eyes the conveyance of atmosphere and the way these authors convey the very essence of this obsession/madness we suffer and enjoy in equal measures is very special. The cold clinical precision with which many of todays angling writers compose their prose lacks that very essence and magic that made me take up this lifelong obsession in the first place. Project Guttenberg is a volunteer led effort to digitise many historic texts and as anglers we are lucky that the compleat angler was on their radar so here it is for free and LEGAL for all to read. Don't expect to read about hair rigs or the latest Daiwa tournament pole etc but if you can get to grips with the language it is the essence of angling! Hope you enjoy. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/683