Thursday, 26 April 2012

Drinkwater park highs and lows!

Well its been a long time since I updated this blog so I thought it was about time. The last few weeks fishing have been almost entirely taken up alongside Mike organising the Salford friendly anglers series of fundraising matches although since my last blog post I have also managed a few sessions down at drinkwater park.
After my tench a few weeks back I returned to the same area a few weeks ago and managed two decent bream a 6 and a 5 but sadly the camera was dead but I am an honest sort so you will have to take my word for it! After that session I didnt return for a while and my next session was with Ian Goodwin who managed 2 nice tench whilst I blanked. Then came the drinkies match and yet again I blanked whilst Ian won in the peg he had taken a superb net of tench and bream only a few days earlier I am sure he could see the peg numbers at the draw! I lost a decent carp during the match which made short work of my 5lb mainline in the thick weed and could see Ians smile from the opposite bank lol After much light hearted ribbing about my lost carp and Ian bagging up on drinkies and him being the venue expert I made a rather bold declaration at the fishing meeting last week, after a few pints, that i would bag a drinkies 20 soon when I broke out my proper carp gear. rather bold claim indeed but lo and behold a few days later I only did it! I bagged a 21lb 8oz carp on my carp gear the first trip after my bold clam and was I hapy.... YES! Big thanks to Ian for acting as ghillie and both Mke and Ian for the pics what a fish!
I went on to catch 3 nice tench after the carp too. I returned the next night and managed 7 nice tench so drinkies is back to its best now for something a little bigger!

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