Saturday, 10 March 2012

Drinkwater park tench fishing almost like the good old days!

Well after a number of trips down to drinkies in the last few weeks to either stock roach or remove weed I thought it was time to go armed with a rod. I have been popping down and dropping a little bait, pigeon seed mix, into a few likely looking swims over the last week with the intention of trying to catch one of the bigger fish left in the water that escaped the netting of a few years back. I have known that there are decent fish present still for a few years now but other than some sessions a few years back where i took several big bream the tench have remained elusive. I thought it was time to resolve that and take a trip down memory lane in the process this season.

For those who are not familiar with drinkies it was always a renowned tench water and bags of up to a dozen or more tench were not uncommon in the past. Float fishing corn or bread into the the night watching a starlight was the way i my brother and many friends spent our teenage years and they were the best years of my life but could i recreate just a little of that magic?

Being early in the season for tench and with the fish stocks in drinkies being significantly dented I wasn't expecting to bag up but a few bites would have made me happy. I arrived after 4pm thinking a few hours either side of dusk would be enough. I set up in a swim I have baited lately floatfishing corn over a few freebies of corn bread mash and a few pellets real traditional tench fishing old school.

After around 45 minutes and having seen some fish activity in the area i received a bite and struck into my first drinkies tench in over 5 years! My brother Chris had popped down to say hello and was on hand with the net to land what turned out to be a 3lb tench. To say I was happy is an understatement as drinkies, particularly float fishing for tench on drinkies holds a very special place in my heart that those who knew the place years ago will understand. I am glad Chris was there as I know he appreciates those special evenings many years ago. Here is the fish nothing spectacular but very special to me!

After that fish catching was irrelevant so I just soaked up the atmosphere watching my nightlight glow in the darkness whilst reminiscing about the good old days. I did miss a few tentative bites and lost a decent fish in a snag just before packing up at around 9pm. So to sum up I am one happy angler right now and the future looks bright for drinkies now the salford friendly anglers are involved.