Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A frosty reception on the irwell!

Well Saturday evening saw me convincing Mike aka fishing fiend to go out fishing the following day, Sunday in-spite of the weather he said I was mad but was mad enough to say yes so a day fishing the irwell for pike was agreed.

It turned out to be one of those days when the catching of fish was second to being out there. This is where we started fishing

Trotting/laying on sardines in a few swims produced no interest so keeping moving and adopting a roving approach was the order of the day and meant that at no point did I feel cold

A half hearted take in a superb swim that normally holds a few fish was the reward for the day but just being out there was enough for me. The robin that kept landing near me ready for that proper picture perfect picture in the snow didn't read the script though and kept flying off when the camera was produced. Who could complain watching a float in a swim like this though?


  1. Love that red tipped float...

    Regular Rod

  2. Thanks regular its just a shame that float was subsequently lost in that enticing looking set of old wooden supports visible in the back of the picture shortly afterwards!

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