Sunday, 15 January 2012

Old river irlam pike get together.

Well today's was a trip a week or two in the making as a number of Salford friendly anglers and maggot drowners seemed keen to have a pike fishing social and with Mike organising letting people know and sending out invites it promised to be a good day out fish or no fish. The venue was the old river in irlam.

I was out of the front door around 7 and it was COLD and dark but I was looking forward to the day. Mike and I arrived around 7.30 and got tackled up and within 10 minutes I had a small jack of about a pound firtst catch on a small roach fished mid water. Second cast another take and a lost fish. Here is the swim I was in infront of the pub of course!

To cut a long story short I went on to catch a further 4 fishover the next 2 hours or so to make it 5 fich in total with 3 lost fish so a cracking morning despite the fact they were small fish still great fun. The best fish was this on of around 5 pound or so

The afternoon passed for me fishless but other members of the get together caught some cracking fish including a superb 12 pounder and Tom managed his first ever pike. A great day and I would have had fun if I hadn't had a bite. Its superb to spend time with such enthusiastic anglers and the banter was superb. The mysterious float that appeared in my productive swim when I returned from a short walk was surprising!!

Thanks to all involved for making it a great day.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Drinkwater park work party

Yesterday was spent in the company of a number of members of the Salford friendly anglers taking part in a drinwater park working party. The aim was to attempt to reduce the amount of weed present in the lake prior to the introduction of siltex to lake the and also to get rid of as much weed as possible prior to it starting to engulf the lake in spring.

It was hard but rewarding work in the company of good friends and I also had to sneak a cheeky deadbait rod out which produced a nice little Pike before the work had even begun. Just to show those present at drinkies yesterday how things have changed here is a pic of me setting up in the peg that I caught the pike from yesterday

And here is a rather blurred picture, its a photo of an old photo, of me in the same swim in 1996 how things change!