Monday, 31 October 2011

Ribble trip

It LIVES IT LIVES!!! Well it is / was recently halloween so it's time this once embryonic blog got the Dr frankenstein treatment!

The Salford friendly anglers contingent including myself (Non tackle tart paragon of truth top all round bloke), Mike Duddy (AKA fishing fiend/hans christian andersen), Dave (Meddy Man,Top bloke superb angler and someone id like to have by my side if trouble came my way!) and Chris (My Brother tackle tart the epitome of all the gear no idea!) descended upon the ribble. I suggested to Mike that after the kingfisher match was cancelled that a river trip was just the tonic (knowing Mikes knowledge of the ribble) Chris was well up for it. Mike soon got Dave on board too and we were off. All credit to mike

4 anglers arrived ready to go on the banks of the ribble and yet again it was a case of 3 proper looking fisherman and one scruffy hung over tramp like individual with inadequate gear etc, ME. The ribble in this area, which i have never visited before was slightly less rural than the sections Mike has taken me to before but the odd bit of bankside litter made me feel more at home on the walk to the area we would be fishing.

Mike ended up in the swim lowest downstream, then Chris, Then me and finally Dave at the uppermost swim of the four of us. I am not sure if it was the distance involved but I think the keener anglers walked furthest. Either that or it was another Mike Duddy, oh well all the swims are good I will just sit here in the hotspot before any of you lot do!

So before I alienate all my fishing buddys I will say it was a bite a chuck on the blockend feeder and maggot but it was far from a fish a chuck. Dace seem to have a habit of spinning off whilst being played despite several changes of hook pattern and numerous rig changes I struggled to stop the losses.

Meanwhile Mike managed to bag a big fin perfect roach amongst dace, dave was getting a fish a chuck and Chris was spinning some dubious story of how he had bagged up only for the tide to come in and all the fish residing in his keepnet swam to freedom hhmmmm!

The tide. I can look back thinking oh yes I have never fished a tidal stretch before but I had researched and read about it and was well prepared YET. I wasn't I only just got my gear on dry land it was so fast rising, top tip there be aware its fast, Chris and mike got away with it but Dave was caught out and some of his gear got wet.

In all a fantastic days fishing in superb company I finished the day with a few dozen cracking dace and 2 small chub. Most on the maggot feeder and a few on the waggler (should have switched to the waggler before I ran out of maggots maybe?)

Big thanks to Mike, Chris and Dave for their great company on the day