Monday, 19 April 2010

Hello all!

Well first post and have never blogged before so bear with me! I am an avid angler who has been fishing in and around Salford for 20+ years now and thought it may be time to share some stories etc. As I don't know what I am doing quite yet anyone that's interested can check this thread for a bit of background info and some pics

I class myself as a rather haphazard random pleasure angler and am out as often as possible so will hopefully add my first fishing report in the next few days. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading fishing fiends blog and it was a surprise to read that someone was fishing local waters I have grown up fishing. I love the irwell but loathe its cormorants and spend most of my time fishing within cycling distance of my home in prestwich but occasionally get on the train for trips further afield. I enjoy all types of angling from dry fly fishing for wild brownies on yorkshire streams to fishing for big tench and bream with alarms etc on clifton marina or eel fishing at night with dead roach on park ponds. This year my search for the perfect secluded crucian pond continues but I have a very specific picture in my mind so its not going to be easy. I also intend to do some more perch fishing and my gorgeous girlfriend who often accompanies me (Im a lucky man!) likes perch, her favourite fish but I fear she has a somewhat ambitious goal a 5lb perch! Anyway if you bothered reading this thanks I look forward to adding my first tales of woe soon!